Saturday, February 2, 2008

Online Golf Lesson - Golf Grip

I have a quesiton about where I should put my left hand on the golf club. Everyone talks about how many knuckles they see. When I look down, I see three knuckles. My challenge is with this grip, my ball still goes to the right! What can I do to change where my ball is going?

I am going to assume that you are right-handed and speak accordingly. You need to move your ball position. Take your address with your feet together and the ball inline with the center of your feet. Small step forward with your left foot and a big step with your right foot. The ball will seem that it is way out in front of you with where you have been playing the ball. Make some practice swings and then hit a few balls. Do not be surprised if the ball starts moving left. If this happens either move the ball closer to center or weaken your grip. For an article written about how to grip the golf club go to Clap For Your Grip

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