Thursday, January 31, 2008

Improve Your Putting With A Credit Card

I am not sure if I am lining up putts correctly. Do you have suggestions that will help me make sure that I am lining up at the target?

We have a three suggestions for you.
  1. To check the alignment of your body, place a credit card in your mouth and then address the putt. Now make sure that your credit card is on the same line as your target line.

  2. To check the alignment of your putter face, place your credit card on the green and aim it at the hole length-wise. Place the ball on the credit card. Address your putt and notice if you have any descrepancies between the credit card and the putter face.

  3. To check your putting stroke, place a golf ball two feet away from the hole. Stroke putts from this distance. Although you will make the majority of these short putts, you will be able to tell where you are starting your putts. This putting drill, simple as it is, will build amazing confidence as well.

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