Monday, January 28, 2008

Golf Instruction Books

Are there specific golf instruction books that you recommend for someone just learning how to play the game of golf?

There are many good golf instruction books for new golfers. Understand the quickest way to learn the game is to find a qualified PGA Professional and take some group or individual lessons. With that beinf said, first, we have suggestions of good golf lesson books listed on the right column of this blog. Second, understand that are many aspects of golf you can learn about. Examples go from the obvious such as the golf swing and/or golf instruction to golf course design and to the history of the game of golf. You can go to www.virtual and find many informative golf books about the previously mentioned subjects. For example you will find:

Stan Utley - The Art of Putting
Annika Sorenstam - Golf Annika's Way
Harvey Penick - The Little Red Book

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