Wednesday, January 2, 2008

How Do I Keep My Chips On The Green?

I need help with keeping my chip shots on the green. Most of the time when I chip the ball, it comes out low like a rocket and goes over the green. I am a new golfer and do not know how to make this stop. What do I need to do?

We have good news for you!!! You can quickly fix some short game fundamentals of your address position and you will see immediate results. You currently are hitting the ball on the very bottom of the club face from trying to hit up on the ball. We will put you into a short game setup position that will help you in hitting down on the ball and in turn you will hit the ball more around the fourth groove form the bottom of the club and not "the literal bottom" of the club.

First, do not take an open stance. Stay square. Second, your chip shot ball position should be back in your stance. This means behind the center of your feet. Third, place more weight on your left side than your right side. You will need to play with this as it might be 60% for some and 80% for others. Finally, you will need to make sure that your hands are ahead of the ball as you look down at address. This address position will probably feel funny to you as you are not used being in this position. From here. use your putting stroke to move the ball towards the target. It is important to keep your weight on your left side, have your hands ahead of the ball at impact and to hold your finish for a count of three.

As you watch the pros on TV, you can see these fundamentals in action. In addition, you can read Boot Camp For Chip Shots at VGS Golf.

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