Friday, January 25, 2008

The Golf Swing - Starting Down

I have a question about what should move first on the downswing. It seems that I usually move my shoulders first and I know that is not correct. What can I do to make sure I am doing it correctly?

Here is a quick drill to help you. As you are hitting golf balls on the range, hit a few with only your left hand on the club for a right handed golfer. Take a few practice swings first and make sure you are clipping the grass. Once you can do that, then place a tee in the ground and swing until the tee comes out of the ground. Once that is accomplished then place a ball on a tee and make swings with only your left hand on the club. Your natual tendency will be to help the club with your upper body. To clip the tee out of the ground you will need to begin the swing from the ground up and you will feel the club fall from the top of the swing.

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