Sunday, January 20, 2008

How to structure your lessons

I am a new golfer and I am taking lessons at my club. Most golf lessons are done on the range and I do not feel like I am learning all parts of the game. I struggle around and on the greens but we do not seem to work on that in my lessons. Any suggestions for me?

First of all realize that when you take a lesson, the professional is working for you. If you are taking a one hour lesson, let the professional know that you would like to split the hour in half. Take 30 minutes to work on your full swing and then 30 minutes to work on your putting or chipping. If you are taking thirty minute lessons, alternate each week.

As a new golfer, the professional should have started you out on the putting green and then gone to chipping, pitching, etc. If the profesional balks at any of these plans it could be time to find a new instructor. You should "interveiw" any professional before starting lessons with him or her.

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Let us know how your progress is coming!!! Keep sending us your questions!!!

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