Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Low-Handicapper Hook

I am a three handicap and have recently started hitting hard hooks with all of my clubs at random times. It seems worse the closer I get to the driver. Please help!

Check two things. First, check your distance that you stand away from the golf ball at address. You would like to have your arms hanging pretty much straight down. The thought would be that a necktie would hit your left hand or the end of the club. If you have wide shoulders or are a bigger guy, your arms will not hang straight down and the tie will hit more of the end of the club.

Second check the ball position. This will more than likely be the answer. Typically with a better player, the ball position gets to far back when the ball starts hooking because they introduce a "flip" at the bottom of the swing with their hands. When this is timed it is fine. When it is not, it can result in some severe hooks.

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