Sunday, February 3, 2008

Reverse Pivot

I am stuggling with my swing. My swing always ends up on my back foot and the ball goes to the right. What can I do so that my swing ends up on my front foot like the pros?

You have what is known as a reverse pivot. The reverse pivot is a very common problem and is fixed fairly easy. Before you take a few practice swings, place your bag or bagstand behind you as if they were your instructor watching a couple of swings. As you make your practice swings, make sure that the bottom of your shoe of your back foot is positioned so it is facing your bag or bagstand. Upon completion of your practice swing, hold your finish for a count of three. This gives you the time to evaluate if you were able to show the bottom of your shoe to your golf bag or bagstand. You should be able to pick up your back foot to make sure your weight has transfered correctly.

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