Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Improve Pitching From Around The Green

I need help with pitching the golf ball. I struggle with hitting pitch shots the correct distance from around the green and leave myself long putts. Do you have a drill that I could do to improve my pitching?

Anytime any is having a challenge with distance, it always comes back to if they are making solid contact or not. The first question I would ask you in a lesson is "are you hitting these shots solid?" We would then hit some of these shots and see if the answers match. A great drill to improve this comes from the last book we hi-lighted, The Red Zone Challenge by Rob Akin. With a can of spray paint draw a line on the ground about one foot long. Place your ball on top of the painted line. As you hit balls from this line, are you entering the turf on the line, in front of the line or behind the line? Until we can consistently start our divot on the line it will be difficult to control the distance of your pitch shots. The good news is that this short game drill can be used for your full swing and the work that you do for your pitching will also help your full swing.

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