Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Control The Distance With Your Wedges

I have been working on my short game and with the help of this blog have really improved. My question is how can I get even better at further controlling my distances with my partial wedges? I am a single digit handicap and I know that better controlling these distances will help me lower my scores.

Thanks for your question and I am glad you are taking advantage and enoying our blog! I am going to give you two ways to do this. One is from Dave Pelz and the other is from Dr. Joesph Parent.

  1. The first way we will discuss to control your distances involves the Dave Pelz method of controlling distance as outlined in his book The Short Game Bible. As you address the pitch shot, imagine a clock around you with twelve o'clock at your head and six o'clock at your feet. With a pitching wedge, sand wedge and lob wedge (if not carried use your nine iron)make a motion from eight o'clock to three o'clock. This would create a distance for each of these irons. Then, do this agin with your motion going form nine o'clock to three o'clock. This should give you a second set of distance numbers. Finally, use these three clubs to make the motion going from ten o'clock to three o'clock to give you a your third set of distances.

  2. Dr. Joesph Parent, author of Zen Golf and Zen Putting would have you take the same clubs as mentioned above however, he will give you four different disatance numbers per wedge. For your first set of distances, make a motion that allows your hands to go to your hip pocket on your backswing and through so the shaft is parallel to the ground or the Pelz three o'clock position. For the second set of distances, take your hands equal to your belt. The third set of distances will have your hands equal to your ribs and finally the fourth set of distances will come from taking your hands equal to your shoulder.

Use both the Dave Pelz and Dr. Joesph Parent methods and figure out which method works best for you and your game!

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