Friday, February 8, 2008

Golf Grip

I have joined the ladies group at my club. However, just begining to play golf. I am confused about the grip. At the last clininc, the teacher talked about different grips and got me confused. I am most comfortable with having all my fingers on the club because I feel that I can control it better. Can you give me some help?

I will tell you that that the grip you are using is known as a ten-finger grip or a baseball grip. The good news is that if that is what you are comfortable with that should be the grip for you! Many ladies do not feel like they have enough strength to control the club with the Inter-locking grip or Over-lapping grip. You palms should still face each other as well as follow other principles of the grip, which you can find in the article Clap For Your Golf Grip found at Wireless Golf Coach. If you ever have any questions, please, email us through our blog, Wireless Golf Coach - A Golf Question And Answer.

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