Thursday, March 20, 2008

Where Should My Shoulder Point?

I have a question about alignment. As silly as it sounds, how do I make sure that I am lined to my target correctly? I have heard that I need to aim my forward shoulder at the target and I hear that you need to line up like railroad tracks. Which is correct?

Great question! We find that many of our students do not understand this. On the range, line up a shot and place a club just outside of the golf ball that is pointing at your target. As you get into your setup and posture, place another club between you and the ball. this club should be parallel to the first club that you placed on the ground. This is what people refer to as the railroad tracks. This places you square to the target.

I have heard other instructors say that if you point your shoulder at the target and hit it perfect youwill only have a three foot putt. That might seem logical however without being square that you will have to make extra compensations during your swing.

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