Sunday, March 2, 2008

Help With My Putting

My putting is very inconsistent. I rarely hit two putts in a row that would go the same speed or distance. It seems like every single put is a new experience. Do you have some suggestions for some check points that I can use as I practice and as I play?

You can learn from every single putt that you hit no matter how bad or how good you feel the stroke was. The basic 5 questions that you should ask youself after every single to improve your putting are:

  1. Pay attention to the length of your backstroke and forward swing. Which is longer? Your backstroke should be shorted than your forward swing. This will allow you to accelerate on the forward swing. You MUST do this in order to be a good putter.
  2. How did the ball roll? Most good players draw a line on their golf ball to use to help align their putt. Some others use the logo of the golf ball to make sure they are on the correct line. If your are not doing one of these two things, you should be doing one or the other. When you stroke the putt, the line that you drew or the logo should roll in a straight line. The line should not wavier if a true roll has been put on the ball. On a putt that is not struck well, this indicator will roll to the right or to the left. If the line starts to wobble to the right or to the left then we did not hit the ball solid.
  3. Did the ball end up short or long of the hole? This is pretty self explainatory.
  4. Did I read the putt correctly? Hit or miss, in correctly reading the putting line, it should not be a surprise where your ball finishes.
  5. How was my finish position? I would like you to be able to hold your finish for a count of least three seconds? This usually means that many good things have happened during the stroke.

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