Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What should I consider when looking for new set golf equipment?

What should I consider when looking for new set golf equipment?

VGS Golf has written an article to answer your question. Here is a bit of it and you can find the rest of the article on the Website at VGS Golf.

How do I find a qualified club fitter? I would retort with how do you find other professionals like doctors, dentists, etc.? Ask other fellow golfers, your friends and co-workers about experiences they had had good or bad. Also contact local golf shops and ask to speak to a qualified fitter. Ask him or her how the process of the club fitting will go and make sure you are comfortable with the professional. Once you have found your golf club fitter, it is important that you armed with the proper questions to ask your fitter. In addition, remember the fitter is there to help you so do not be afraid to ask any question you might have. The proper questions to ask prior to or during your fitting are as follows:
· Is the professional certified by a major manufacturer to fit their clubs?
· How experienced is the PGA Professional?
· Will I be fit outdoors to see the entire ball flight?
· Does the PGA Professional have a fitting cart or multiple fitting carts with what you are looking for (Mens, Ladies, steel, graphite, right-handed, left-handed clubs) available?
· What will the session cost?
· If I purchase the clubs from you, will the cost of the club fitting be put towards the purchase?
· Will a launch monitor be used during the session?
· How the professional came to the conclusion of your specs? Make sure you understand how the conclusion is achieved and make sure you understand the logic.

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