Monday, July 21, 2008

Visualize Better Golf Shots

I am a low handicapper and struggle with visualizing the golf shot that I am getting ready to hit. What can I do differently to help me?

You can start at home or at work, if you are the boss. Look at a picture or golf print that you have on the wall. Now close your eyes and explain the picture or piece of golf art in as much detail as possible. While your eyes are closed zoom into the picture and zoom out to make sure you can catch all of the details.

Another way to improve how you visualize a golf shot is to picture something outside such as your car. What color is it? Is it clean? What about the particulars of your new rims or how the interior is laid out? Where is it parked right now? Can you "see" yourself opening up the door and sitting in the seat and turning the key and driving out? You get the picture (haha). Again, get as picky and descriptive as you can. Practice with items that you know very well and have good recall on these items.

So now that we are the golf course how are we going to visualize a golf shot? As we go through our pre-shot routine, we will gather all pertinent information such as lie of the golf ball, wind direction, obstacles in our landing area, etc. As we gather this information, we will need to pick out a golf club that will allow us to hit the shot needed. Will we need a draw or a fade? Watch it! You are starting to visualize a golf shot. Once the proper club is chosen, then see yourself hit the golf ball from you swinging the club until the ball has finished rolling.

Okay, some of you are still screaming that you can not visualize a golf shot. Here is the most simple way to do it. Simply tell yourself, your caddy or the little guy on your shoulder what you are getting ready to do. Many do not see this as visualization because you are talking through the golf shot. Talking through the shot that I am about to hit has helped me immensely as I used to be one of the players who could not visualize a golf shot.

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