Thursday, July 10, 2008

Help Me Hit Solid Pitch Shots

Why do my pitch shots not get up into the air and what can I do about it?

The reason your pitch shots or any golf shot does not get into the air is simply that the very bottom of your club is making contact with the ball and not the club face (where the grooves are)

Here is a simple golf drill:
Place a ball on a tee and make a swing. If the tee does not move, you either completely whiffed of hit the golf ball with the bottom of the club. The ball flight should have been flat.

Try it again with out the tension in your shoulders and allow the club head to work under the golf ball. Your goal should be to get the fourth groove under the equator of the golf ball. when this happens your tee should come out of the ground or at least be pushed towards your target. In addition, your ball flight will be much higher.

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