Saturday, July 19, 2008

How Do I Check My Golf Alignment?

I have been having trouble being aimed properly at my target. I feel like I am making a good swing but my shots are starting out to the right. How do I check my golf alignment?

Since golf alignment is a main golf fundamental to each and every golf shot, here are some simple exercises that you can quickly and easily do to check your golf swing alignment.

First, prepare to hit a golf shot as you normally would and make sure you are comfortable. Now that you are ready to make your golf swing, place a tee directly behind each of your heels and push both tees all the way into the ground. Now move away from your setup and place a club's shaft over both of the tees to create a straight line. Now, go behind your ball and look down the target line. Does it match what you thought?

This golf alignment exercise shows you exactly where you are aligning your feet. If your pictures do not match, then you can simply change or move the tees so they align correctly and then setup with the tees touching the back of your heels. If you were not aligned properly, do not be surprised that when you setup to your next shot with your heels properly placed that you will feel that you are aimed somewhere else. If your feet have been aligned incorrectly for a while, then it will feel quite strange when you do align them correctly. Keeping track of your alignment, your new feet position will become second nature in no time at all.

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