Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Help With The Shanks

I have had trouble shanking the golf ball lately. Can you give me a cause of why I am doing this and a way to fix it?

Sure! The info below is from our article Golf Shank - No More!!! Go to VGS Golf to read the entire article.

Cause Of A Golf Shank: Weight forward on your toes . Many players do not understand how big of a part balance plays in a sound golf swing. Your balance will dictate the path that your club shift will take in order to return to the golf ball. For example if you begin your golf swing with a balanced setup, you have created the path that the club will swing upon. If your balance then changes and goes into your heels, a new path is created and now you have to make manipulations to the golf club to return it to the golf ball. The same happens if your weight goes towards your toes in the backswing or forward swing. The path will change to an outside path and will cause the clubhead to move forward as well. If you move your balance enough on your toes then the hosel of the golf club is hit and a golf shank is the result.

Fix: Place a broken shaft (your golf shop should have one available to you), an Eyeline Balance Rod, a piece of wood that your golf club may use to set up stations or one of your own golf clubs if you are really brave on the ground pointing down your target line. The front end of the shaft or wood should be equal to the golf ball with the remainder staying behind the ball but still on the target line. Now, make some swings. Obviously, your goal is not to hit the aid that you have placed on the ground. Your swing will now have to come from a more "inside" path. If it feels funny at first, that is good! That means we are changing something!

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