Monday, December 3, 2007

A Quick Holiday Gift

I am looking for an idea for an inexpensive golf gift that I can take to all of the upcoming Holiday Parties. Any ideas for me?

Golf Wine Charms are a quick and easy gift. Everyone can have fun with and enjoy these tokens at dinners, meetings and parties. You can use Golf Wine Charms as a gift for many different occasions. Some examples of how you can use these are as follows:

· Holiday Gift – Are you looking for an inexpensive last minute gift? Wine charms. Looking for a stocking stuffer? Wine Glass Identifiers. A gift for a white elephant Christmas party? Again, wine charms fit the bill.
· The Boss’s House – You have been invited to your or your spouses Boss’s home for a dinner. As a token of your appreciation for being invited to dinner, what do you take? Obviously, taking a bottle of wine has been used time and time again. Then comes the question, which bottle? A bottle of red? A bottle of white? Who knows? Why not change it up and take a set of wine charms? It never hurt to be noticed by the boss or their spouse to adding something to their dinner.
· Country Club Wine TastingGolf Wine Charms will not only add some fun to your table’s wine tasting, they are also inexpensive. Whether you stay with a theme of the wine tasting or go with a golf theme the wine charms will definitely get the conversation started.
· Ladies – In your golf meetings, individualize your wine glass and keep track of your wine as well. Ladies you can also use a set of wine charms in your post round lunch that are handed out depending on what happened out on the golf course whether your round of golf was nine or eighteen holes.
· Gentlemen – Guys do not count these out as you can use the charms or identifiers on the handle of your beer mugs! As I have sat in many of these evening Golf Association meetings myself, I have always wanted to make sure that I have the correct mug on many occasions. Golf themed charms allow me to do that. If you have a usual group, you could assign the identifiers by what happened out on the golf course to add more fun to your round.

As you can see, wine charms can be used in many ways. Wine charms are flexible in how they can be used such as wine glass identifiers, beer mug identifiers, stocking stuffers or a gift to a host or hostess. They are great conversation pieces and will add a nice touch from a meeting to a dinner to a flat out party. For other Holiday gift ideas go to VGS Golf.

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