Friday, December 14, 2007

How Can I Make More Putts

I am having trouble with my putting stroke and need to make more putts. From any distance, I keep missing putts on the left-side of the hole and I do not understand why. Please help as it is killing my scores and my buddies will not leave it alone.

Unfortunately, your buddies are not going to let it go because it is probably filling their pockets!!! So let's go to work and get you fixed.

First, we need to make sure your putting alignment is good. With putting, your alignment is determined by your shoulders. Make sure your shoulders are aligned parallel left to the target.

Second, stroke putts from three to ten feet with only you rright hand on the club and your left hand in your pocket or on your hip. Make sure you hold your finish for a count of three.

After spending a short amount of time with these two ideas you will make more putts and starting collecting from your buddies!

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