Monday, April 14, 2008

Have The Proper Putting Grip

I have a problem with starting putts to the left of my target line from all distances. It has been very frustrating as my buddies willnot even give me any putts as I can do this from literally anywhere. I have spent time and am positive that I am aligned properly which just brings more frustration. What is going on?

It is time to check your to make sure that you have the proper putting grip. With the info you have given me, your putter shaft is not upright enough because of the grip you are taking. Make sure the life line of your left hand as well as your right hand are on both sides of the putter. This should put both thumbs on top of the putter grip and make the putter shaft more upright than you previously had it. This will help insure the putter face is square as well.

Another thing I would check is to make sure that your putter grip is placed square on the putter. Sometimes, during installation, a putter grip can be installed opened or closed. You would assume that it is on the putter square but, I would double check.

Post again and let us know how it goes!!!

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