Saturday, April 5, 2008

Hand Position At Impact

I have heard that your grip should be ahead of the ball at impact. Why should this happen and is this true?

Good question. You hands should be ahead of the golf ball as you go through the impact position properly use the design of the golf club. Most players get in trouble because they are not pulling the club through impact. Most players start to push the club and allow the clubhead to go past the grip just prior to impact. This is known as "casting" the golf club. To get your good impact postion, you can use your golf bag or even the golf cart you are riding in! Place your clubhead on the cart tire. Slowly take your backswing and transition through to the impact position. As the clubhead meets the tire, relax your shoulders and feel your self pulling the golf club into the tire. Not Pushing. You will be able to feel the difference. This is the feeling that you want through impact. The good news is that you can do this in-between shots on the golf course if needed.

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