Thursday, April 17, 2008

Golf Swing Launch Monitors

With all of the new golf technology, is there an affordable golf swing launch monitor that I can use while I practice?

The Zelocity PureContact is a patented technology golf ball flight monitor (made in the USA) that uses a integrated Doppler-radar transceiver to gather the data. The unit works with right-handed and left-handed golfers with no adjustments needed to change sides. You can use any club with the unit while indoors or outdoors. The individual shot data (ball velocity, carry or total distance) is displayed through the onboard unit display for golf shots carrying 30 yards up to 420 yards. The session average ball velocity and average distance can also be displayed on the unit. In addition, the results can be dispalyed in yards or meters. The Zelocity PureContact has a 100 shot memory that will clear each time the unit is powered off.

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