Friday, April 26, 2013

Answers: 5 Questions Players Have About The Address Position

Just about all novice golfers could help their golf swings by simply reinforcing their address position. The address position is a fancy term for where you start the golf swing. Take a stroll up and down the range this weekend and see how many players look like they are getting ready to make an athletic move. I am going to imagine less than ten percent.

Here are the normal questions about the address position and what you need to do in order to make improvements to your address position:

How long apart do you place your feet?
Likened to some thoughts and opinions, the golf swing is an athletic move. Thus you should start in an athletic position. With this being said, a number of you can collect from experiences playing sports as a child. If you did not play any sports when you were younger, do not be concerned. It is uncomplicated. Your feet should be about shoulder width apart or how wide they would be if you were going to try to jump into the air. It seems pretty easy, huh?

How should you go down to the ball?
Sounds like it should really be pretty easy. However, quite a few players struggle with doing this very well. The fact is, numerous golfers will stoop down to get to the golf ball. This makes the top of their back round out and makes stroking a golf ball regularly much more difficult. The image that works for many is simply to put your pants pockets in the rear of your heels. Yes, this means you need to stick your lower back out a bit. Remember, like you are going to jump.

Where should your weight generally be?
This is possibly the most overlooked basic by high handicappers as well as lower handicappers. This question definitely relates to balance. You will hear instructors briefly say that balance is key in the golf swing. However, it is usually brushed over and not outlined. Balance comes in two different forms, side-to-side as well as front-to-back. You can monitor your balance by simply flowing your weight around from your heels to your toes or side-to-side. You would rather have your balance to end up underneath the middle of your shoe or underneath your shoe strings.

How far away from the golf ball do you take your address position?
Unquestionably this will differ depending on the golf club that you have in your hand as they are different sizes. However, what should not fix is that you arms should dangle down in the address position. Men, you can simulate that you have a neck tie on and let it droop to the end of the club. Gals, you can visualize that you have your favorite necklace on that will fall and hit the end of the golf club. With this together with finding your balance, you should be in a sound address position.

Where should the ball go in your stance?
If you learned to play golf back in the day you were advised that the ball must go into a varied position for each club. Modern made that a great deal easier for you. To place the ball precisely in your set up position, simply place the midpoint of the club head in the middle of your feet. If it is a driver or hybrid, find the center of the club head and it will go in the midpoint of you stance and the ball will be placed just right in front of the club head.

Use this guidance from the commonly asked questions about the address position to improve your game and shoot lower scores.

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