Friday, March 29, 2013

Online Golf Lesson - How To Create Lag In Your Golf Swing

We get asked a lot for a full swing golf drill to help players create lag in the golf swing. Not many people asking this question even know what lag is or what they are asking us. So, what in the world is lag in the golf swing? Lag in the golf swing is the act of pulling the golf club as opposed to pushing the golf club during the full swing. Why is this important and why would I want to do this? It is important so that you can full swing the golf club in the most efficient manner to gain the most distance while also retaining accuracy.

The best picture that I can give you pertaining to lag is to imagine that you are trying to swing a bucket of water. To keep the water in the bucket, you will start turning your bigger muscles to make it happen. This will allow you to keep the water in the bucket. If you try to use your hands and arms to make this happen the water will start to come out of the bucket and get you wet!

An easy full swing drill that can help you create lag in the golf swing is what I call the gun grip full swing drill. Pick a target and address the golf ball as you normally would. Now for a right handed golfer, take your thumb and index finger of your right hand off of the golf club. Making your thumb and index finger to look like a gun or a pistol will return the best results. Do not get lazy and let these two fingers start to curl back around the grip of the golf club. This will defeat the purpose.

This will feel out of control at first but it has helped many of my students. Pay attention to the golf club at the top of the swing. It should feel like it is dropping and not moving forward. With this you will create lag in your full swing.

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