Friday, May 30, 2008

How Do I Get The Ball Closer On My First Putt?

I am learning the game and have just started to take golf lessons. I have not taken a putting lesson yet and I am having trouble getting my first putt close to the hole. Is there an easy way to get better at this?

First, we are very glad that you have Linked Up 2 Golf and have begun to play this great game. Second, do not hesitate to take a putting lesson. It will be money well spent, as more than half of your strokes will come from putting and the short game. Third, use the free golf instruction here as well as at Wireless Golf Coach.

Finally to fully answer your question, go to the practice putting green with three to five golf balls and your putter for an putting drill. At first, you will not need your putter but keep it close. Position yourself about twenty feet away from a hole and try to make the would be putt as flat as possible. What do i mean would be putt? We are first going to roll (not pitch) on the ground one ball towards the hole. Notice how far your arm moves. Your arm should not "wind up" behind you. To roll the ball the proper distance, your arm will move much shorter back than it will move on the way through. Note it is also important to hold your arm in its "finish position" until the golf ball stops rolling. Once comfortable with this simply pick up your putter and turn sideways to address you putt and "underhand the putter" just as you did to roll the ball to the hole.

You can also do this to the edge of the green if a hole is not available. You will see one of the tour players on a putting green looking like they are trying to underhand a ball to a hole. They are attempting to get the feel for the speed of the putt just as this putting drill allows you to do.

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